One night in 2003, while lying in bed, a vision of Jesus appeared. He had on a long garment full of light! A heavenly royal shield appeared on the wall and peace flooded the room. This divine appointment would change my life forever! I knew that someone loved me and that I had purpose to my life. Immediately I became saved and filled with the Holy Spirit! (Acts 2:4) I had revelation that the Bible is God's Holy Word! He sent Jesus to rescue me and heal me! The oppressive spirits were lifted off me and I had great joy! I wanted to sing and dance. I immediately became patriotic and would sing, "God Bless America". I had a strong desire not to break the 10 commandments. God put a love in my heart for the lost! (Romans 5:5) My new mission in life was to tell everyone about Jesus! Praise God! "Your one business in life is to lead men to believe in Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. Every other thing should be made subservient to this one objective." Charles Spurgeon